Works contributed by Carla Nelson, host of this site, and her cohorts in a cybercollective of leaping
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Works from Carla (Nelson) Berg about differences in attention including SURVIVING SANE WITH A BOUNCING BRAIN: Dancing in Time to the Beat of Your Mind, a simplified view of her spectrum model of attention differences with personal histories and practical insights, and HYPERACTIVE HEARTS & MINDS: Towards a Unified View of Attention Deficiencies. a more technical series of papers presented to professionals, detailing a dimensional model of attention differences.

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Get Well w/Wellner

The bouncing brain of Linda Wellner, physician and single mom of two bouncing young sons, produces some of the wittiest wisdom we've seen online.We are pleased to share her intriguing insights here at this site, both in the Hyperthink Press and as a contributor to our Ezine HYPERTHINK_INK.

Gunkel's Grapevine

This section will offer wit, wry and commentary from the encyclopedic mind of neuroscientist Patrick Gunkel, father of Ideonomy, a science of ideas, who has been called by Marvin Minsky of MIT, "the greatest list-maker I know." As you will see herein, much more than lists flow from Pat's prolific pen.


A charter member of our "Bouncing Brains Society" who helped with the planning of HYPERTHINK_INK, our pal Joe Coleman (originator of what Carla has dubbed the "Yes-Except-Not" principle as presented in her Mind Memes list) sometimes has to be coaxed to share his musings. But we are going to do just that, so others may enjoy his thoughts as much as we have.

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Another charter member of "Bouncing Brains, " Dana Weldon, like Carla, is a sysop on Compuserve, a published writer, and parent of two bouncing brain teens, one boy and one girl. Dana will be helping with submissions to HYPERTHINK_INK, particularly our 'Sanity Savers' section of coping tips, as well as contributing some longer works here at Hyperthink Press.

Mind's Eye

by Nina B.

Selected newspaper columns of the pseudonymous Nina Bergman who writes semi-fictional stories taken from very real life. Her true name is known, as she notes, to "anyone who cares enough to figure it out," but the pen name has allowed an extra degree of candor when writing about private lives in public.

Robert's Rovings


Robert Kybird from Britain, a physicist by training and a businessman by trade, is another lifelong student of mind whose theories of consciousness and cognition are as intriguing as his punning is side-splitting funny.

Over time, HTP will be sharing thoughts from many more mind-musers you will enjoy. We hope to include some previously unpublished works of writers you may know, including John Ratey MD, whose most recent book, Shadow Syndromes, will soon be reviewed in HYPERTHINK_INK, as well as some yet 'undiscovered' writers whose names you may not yet know but whose thoughts will intrigue you.

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