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This site is dedicated to the well-being of the stimulus-driven, including, but not limited to, people with atttention difficulties or ADD. We are here to explore perceptual differences of all kinds and their impact on states of mind. To that end, we will feature topics as wide- ranging as findings in brain research, theories of consciousness and personality, new edge paradigms of personal wellness and peak performance, even alternate schooling. Almost any subject of interest to people with leaping minds is of interest to us, although space and time will limit how much we can publish. 

For most bouncing brains, the only sure thing is change. It is the same with this site; the one safe bet is that it will evolve. That said, we do have a structure in mind: 

A digital Ezine with food for thought by, for, and about the stimulus- driven, exploring the ins and outs of surviving sane with our bouncing brains through opinions and insight, both personal and professional, from an assortment of contributors, including typefaces familiar to members of our forum families who know Carla as sysop at GO ADD and GO MIND on CompuServe. Look to your left for previews or click here to go to the HYPERTHINK_INK Index.

Excerpts from longer works by Carla (Nelson) Berg, host of this site and her cohorts in a cyber- collective of leaping minds playfully called the "Bouncing Brain Society." This part of the site is about two things: Carla's commitment to share her writings more widely, including her spectrum models of attention differences, and our desire to showcase the work of other mind- musers you will enjoy, including physician Linda Wellner, neuroscientist Patrick Gunkel, the psuedonymous newspaper columnist Nina B., and our pal Dana Weldon, another staff member from the ADD Forum. Click here to go to the HTP INDEX.

Friends of the Bouncing Brain Society
From a virtual community of leaping minds
.linked together by the places they chime, this part of the site will provide quick hops to pages of our cyber- friends and other sites we have enjoyed for learning or fun. For this part of the site, feel free to shoot email with your favorite URLs to Kevin Fairchild, our Links Editor.

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