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Shades of the Stimulus-Driven

Exhibit SSB2

This matrix is an expansion of the spectrum presented in SSB1, the bell of attention differences.

In this exhibit we see the three types of AD further subdivided into degrees of intensity, based on levels of "arousal" or exciteability, and arranged in columns and rows. Across the top we see increasing degrees of focus, while down the side we see the effects of increasing degrees of arousal.

Whimsical pictures and names were attached to each profile to give a quick sense of typical character traits. Click- through descriptions with more detail on each subtype will be added soon.

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Exhibit for the workshop Surviving Sane with a Bouncing Brain presented by Carla Nelson at the annual meeings of the National Attention Deficit Disorder Association (ADDA), May 1997 and the ADD Adult Information Exchange (ADDIEN), March 1997.
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