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last updated 04/29/07

The following contents of bouncingbrains.com have been archived at this site:

Yin and Yang of the Bouncing Brain
snapshot of a spectrum view of attention differences

Surviving Sane
a continuing saga

Get Well w/Wellner
insights from a leaping medical mind

Raising the Young & The Restless
Our parenting pages

Mind Matters
perspectives on perceptions of mind and brain

Dana's Detail
from a bouncing businesswoman and mother

Care & Feeding of the Meandering Mind
guest features for and by bouncing brains

The Leaping Ladies Club
exploring the double binds in the lives of women with roving minds

Mind's Eye
newspaper columns of "Nina B."

Seminar Sampler
Illustrations and text from Carla Nelson's workshops:

From Surviving Sane:
Dancing in Time to the Beat of Your Mind
(for AD adults and parents)
From Hyperactive Hearts & Minds:
Towards a Unified View of AD?
(for AD professionals and practitioners)


  • Palm Springs Presentation
    Text and slides from the first hour
    of Carla's workshop that details her
    "3/3/3/9 Paradigm" of AD
  • Paradigm Portraits
    Graphics from the presentation
    summarizing a spectrum view of
    attention differences



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